My name is Bernadette Harwood; please contact me via email or
phone with any questions, suggestions and/or orders, I would
love to serve you.

E-mail: auntbeesquilts@yahoo.com

I love teaching and sewing! I now do both; I teach sewing and
quilting in my home in northern Indiana.

I love helping my students learn the art of sewing and quilting.
Most students see my love of quilts and get inspired by other
students and usually all end up making quilts at some time. I've
been sewing for other people for over 30 years, I take pride in
my work and everything is sewn with love, care and expertise.

My family consists of my husband and I; we've been married
almost 38 years and have two grown children. Both are married
and we have two grandsons; Isaac is two and had his first
cousin born on his second birthday. Our first granddaughter was
born in January of 2010 and we are truly blessed!

We're very excited that our family is growing! Grand-kids are fun
and we hope to get lots of them. If  I’m not sewing or playing with
family, we're probably out riding our Honda Gold Wing. My
husband and I enjoyed a long trip out west during the summer of
2010; we only put on 8,039 miles. We loved it and we're ready
to go again.

My nieces and nephews used to call me "Aunt Bee", as
Bernadette was hard for little ones to say; the name has stuck
with me over the years. That's how I decided on my business
name, “Aunt Bee’s Quilts and More”.

"MEMBEARRIES" came from several people wanting bears and
quilts made from loved one's clothes. My son-in-law came up
with the name MEMBEARRIES. Since I love bears and have a
collection, it sounded like a perfect name to me.
MEMBEARRIES can be made from many clothing items; from
robes, shirts, sweaters and jackets to thin slippers or shoes.
Please check out my MEMBEARY page for more details.

You can be sure you'll love your MEMBEARY, it's like getting a
hug from your loved one. I made ten bears for my husband’s
family not knowing how the adults and especially the men would
feel about getting a bear from their father’s/grandfather’s
bowling shirts. It was a complete surprise and they all loved
them and said it was one of the best Christmas gifts they'd ever
received! What an honor to make a special treasure to help
keep these special memories alive!

You're invited to view all of my web-pages, and again, I would
love to help you in any way I can.
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I also work with Chris
Kedik at CMK Marketing
in Mishawaka, Indiana.

I do personalized
custom sewing for Chris
and CMK Marketing --
providers of full service
embroidery and screen
printing services.

CMK also sells letterman
jackets and sports

Our goal is to exceed
the needs of each
customer, no matter how
large or small your order
may be.

CMK Marketing is a
family owned business
that started in 2002.

Here are links to both
Chris's Web site and to
the CMK Facebook page:

CMK Marketing

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